Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Instant thick & glam lashes


Eyelash Extensions

If you’ve ever yearned for long, lush lashes, eyelash extensions may be for you! No longer just for A-list celebrities and models, eyelash extensions are the latest trend to make the transition "from runway to real way."

Gentle Touch is proud to offer Misencil® eyelash extensions to our clients. A truly revolutionary collection, Misencil® eyelash extensions will give you the exact look that you want, whether it’s a subtle increase in length or all-out drama!

Eyelash extensions are a safe, simple way to add to depth and allure to your eyes, thereby enhancing your overall look. Because they are pre-curved, the extensions also eliminate the need for an eyelash curler. Many clients say that they have even eliminated the need for mascara or eyeliner, thus shortening the time required for their "morning routine."

Mink Lashes

Mink lash extensions are a lighter and more feathery looking lash extension that are applied in the same way as regular lash extensions. The lighter weight makes the lashes look and feel more natural and are a better choice for mature clients. This is an upgrade from our regular high-quality extensions.

What our Clients are Saying

Allison T


I had tried eyelash extensions in the past, but they looked clumpy and fake. The eyelash extensions at Gentle Touch are amazing. They’re gorgeous, natural-looking, and easy to maintain. Now people are always commenting on my ‘beautiful eyes.’ My technician gave me the look that I wanted – lashes that enhance my eyes without overpowering them!

*Individual results may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an eyelash extensions application?
The application process is both safe and pain-free. Your lash extensions will be applied by an experienced technician who has been specially trained in eyelash extension application. She will ask you to lie down and close your eyes, and will then place a soothing anti-wrinkle patch under each eye to protect, smooth and brighten the eye contour. She will then gently and precisely apply the extensions directly onto your natural lashes, one at a time, without touching the epidermis. The extensions are applied with a specialized glue that was developed exclusively for this purpose. Like the extensions themselves, the glue is perfectly safe. After completing the application, your technician will ask you to slowly open your eyes and view your new look.
How long does an application take?
On average, an application session will require about 2 hours
Is the application process painful?
No. Most clients find the application process very relaxing. In fact, it is not uncommon for a client to fall asleep while the lash extensions are being applied!
How long will my eyelash extensions last?
Your eyelash extensions will gradually and naturally “shed off” over a period of three to five weeks. Most clients opt for a touch-up about once a month.
Will my eyelash extensions require any special care?
Your eyelash extensions are extremely easy to maintain. To keep them looking their best, just follow a few simple guidelines:

  • For the first 12 hours following application, make sure that your eyelash extensions stay dry, and avoid shower steam.
  • Do not apply oil-based eye makeup or eye makeup remover.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pull your eyelash extensions.
  • Only use a heated Misencil™ eyelash curler on your new lash extensions.
  • Your technician will also be happy to recommend eye makeup remover and other products that have been specifically formulated to extend the life of your eyelash extensions.


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