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Sun Damage

The sun has a profound effect over years of exposure on the skin, causing premature skin aging, skin cancer, and many other skin changes. If you are concerned about the damage in your skin we can help. Addressing the damage now and changing habits going forward will dramatically improve your skin’s appearance and its overall health. We can’t undo those sun tanning sins but we can treat them with a variety of technology based services and physician based skincare products.

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What our Clients are Saying

Erin C


I knew that my years of unprotected sun exposure had caught up with me when I started seeing age spots on my hands and chest. A friend had recommended Gentle Touch, so I called for a free consult and booked an IPL treatment a week later. Now my age spots are gone. If you’re looking for real results, IPL at Gentle Touch is the way to go!

*Individual results may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of the skin can be treated?
The IPL/BBL technology can be used to safely treat any area that shows signs of sun damage or age spots. The most popular treatment areas are those that tend to be most exposed to the sun. These include the face, chest, arms and shoulders.
How does the IPL treatment work?
The light energy delivered by the IPL will heat the upper layers of your skin, stimulating your skin cells to generate new collagen. In addition, the photothermal energy will target and eliminate many of the fine vessels that cause the unwanted melanin responsible for the pigmented lesions (age spots). This will help restore your skin to its natural beauty, blending its natural colours and making it smoother, vibrant and younger looking.
Will it be uncomfortable?
You should experience minimal or no discomfort during your treatment. Your technician will place the delicate IPL handpiece on your skin, which will feel comfortable and slightly cool. Using the IPL, your technician will deliver a controlled pulse of light. As the pulse of light targets the age spot, you may feel a brief sensation similar to the snapping of an elastic band. Most clients tolerate the procedure extremely well and do not find it uncomfortable.
How many treatments will be required?
You will see results after just one treatment. However, for very large or dark spots, additional treatments may be required. Your expert technician will help determine the optimal number of treatments to achieve the results you want.
Can I resume my normal activities after my treatment?
IPL treatment requires virtually no down time. Most clients resume their normal activities, including applying makeup, immediately following their treatment. You may experience some slight redness in the treated area, but this should resolve within a few hours. Over the course of the next few weeks, some of the pigmented lesions (age spots) may start to darken. This is perfectly normal, and occurs just before these same areas begin to fade and flake off, resulting in fresher, younger-looking skin.


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