Ultra Accent


Skin Tightening


45 Minutes

Skin tightening technology has made numerous advancements in recent years. At Gentle Touch we offer various options for clients depending on age, skin laxity and budget. Those options include Ultra Accent and Thermage.  Both options utilize RF technology but each is slightly different in its application, with varying amounts of penetrations and intensities.

These treatments can also be used in conjunction with other technologies to increase results – book a complimentary Skin Consultation to learn more.

Ultra Accent

Our Ultra Accent (part of our vSHAPE platform) offers an even more advanced skin tightening technology than original Accent. Developed by an industry-leader laser manufacturer, ULTRA Accent offers a powerful RF skin tightening treatment that allows for deep penetration of energy to stimulate the production of new collagen deep within the skin. Using both uni large and bi polar hand pieces, we can tailor the focus for intense treatment to deep layers of the skin, or superficial treatments in the case of crepey skin in delicate areas.

This gentle, non-invasive procedure may effectively tighten, smooth and re-contour your skin and body from the inside out, resulting in a firmer, more youthful appearance. Ultra accent’s focused RF technology can be targeted exactly where your skin requires tightening at even deeper levels within the skin. This effective treatment can be safely used anywhere on the face or body.

Also ask you technician about Thermage, a non-invasive therapy that can successfully address the look and feel of aging skin on many areas of your body.

*Individual results may vary.

Price List
  • Accent
  • Face & Neck$250
  • Package of 6$1000
  • Ultra Accent
  • Single treatment$350
  • Package of 3$900
  • Package of 6$1700
  • Combo Treatments
  • Single treatment$400
  • Package of 3$950
  • Package of 6$1750
  • Combining technology ensures maximum outcomes for fat loss and tightening of surrounding tissue.

  • Ultrasound Fat Loss & Body Contouring
  • Single treatment$350
  • Package of 3$900
  • Package of 6$1700