Redness & Brown Spots


45 Minutes

While most of us love the warmth and light of the sun, too much sun exposure can have a damaging effect on our skin. Over time, repeated UV (ultraviolet) exposure can break down the collagen and elastin in our skin, causing premature aging in the form of hyperpigmentation and age spots. By removing excess pigment (freckling), IPL can provide you with a clearer, more youthful complexion.

Gentle Touch uses IPL/BBL technology to gently and safely remove signs of sun damage or age spots from the skin. The light energy delivered by the IPL will heat the upper layers of your skin, stimulating your skin cells to generate new collagen. In addition, the photothermal energy will target and eliminate many of the fine vessels that cause the unwanted melanin responsible for the pigmented lesions (age spots). This will help restore your skin to its natural beauty, blending its natural colours and making it smoother, vibrant and younger looking.

The IPL/BBL technology may be used to safely treat any area that shows signs of sun damage or age spots. The most popular treatment areas are those that tend to be most exposed to the sun. These include the face, chest, arms and shoulders.

*Individual results may vary.

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